Providing Custom Design-Build Services Along the Jersey Shore Since 1990


Ten Design/Build Benefits


Like many businesses, custom design and construction has evolved from companies led by experienced field labor, to a twenty-first century system relying on good management, design skills and most importantly, great communication.


Our architect-led Design/Build system enables us to hire the appropriate experienced field labor when and where we need it while providing the level of professional service that is expected by today’s demanding clients.  And of course our Design/Build process will save you time and money.


1.       We’re Experienced.  As builders, we’ve built hundreds of homes on Long Beach Island and surrounding areas since 1990.  As architects, we know the latest in Coastal Construction techniques and low-maintenance and energy-saving materials.


2.       We offer discounted architectural services.  If you are interested in pursuing our Design/Build process, we can reduce the fees normally charged for the design of your home.  If you choose to build one of our pre-designed Stock Plans, there may be only the cost of modifications, saving you thousands of dollars.


3.       Our low overhead enables us to give better pricing.  Anybody running a business in NJ knows that smaller is better.  Huge payroll and vehicles?  We’ve been there and done that.  Good for the ego, bad for business.  We know we have to provide a very competitive price – the best way to do that is with an efficient operation.


4.       We offer true discounted builder prices for your allowance items.  Ask the competition – “Do you offer your discounted builder prices for allowance items?” also ask the competition – “Can we purchase our finishes wherever we want or are we limited to your vendors?”


5.       Our communication is tops.  We communicate the way you do – we use email and cell phones, and have a full-time office where all of your information is stored.  You will have hundreds of design decisions to make through the course of the project.  Good communication is essential to getting the correct information to the field.


6.       We are a construction company led by Licensed Architects.  Some builders claim to offer “design-build” services or design consultant services which is really a builder hiring an outside architect in which you have no choice.  We are there through the entire design and construction process to assure that the home is built to our standards and design that we’ve completed together, as well as to handle any changes in a speedy manner. We have the brains "in-house" and sub out the brawn and not the other way around.


7.       Reliable Pricing.  We begin our pricing at Schematic Design so you have an opportunity to tailor the home to your budget.  As we move through the Design process, we will give you more refined construction quotes and you can continually tweak and value-engineer the home to suit your needs.  Once the design is complete, we will provide you a final construction contract that will not be an unfortunate shock to you.


8.       Change Orders + Extras.  Some builders offer a low construction contract price and make their money from their extras and change orders, often at the expense of the design.  While we do not use Change Orders and Extras as a profit center, we will respond to your ideas should you desire a modification in the field.  We will charge a reasonable amount for the change only if it costs us money.


9.       You know and trust us.  You will build a business relationship with us before we give you our construction proposal.  You’ll go through the architectural design process with us – so you’ll have an idea as to how we work –

a.        Are we responsive?

b.       Do we call you back in a timely fashion?

c.        Do we listen to your needs and suggestions?

d.       Do we share the same expectations?


10.   A Consistency of Interest.  Unlike a builder who gets his work from an architect, or an architect who gets his work from builder referrals, we have only one person to make happy – the client.


Eliminate the finger-pointing and conflicts of interest – ask us about our Design/Build process!