Providing Custom Design-Build Services Along the Jersey Shore Since 1990


Our Design-Build Process


·         No Obligation Initial Meeting

·         Architectural Proposal

·         Existing Conditions

·         Schematic Design

·         Design Development

·         Construction Documents

·         Construction


No Charge/No Obligation Initial Meeting

Once we receive your initial call or e-mail we will arrange a No Charge/No Obligation meeting to discuss the feasibility of your project.  We will discuss your goals, your schedule and the anticipated budget .
During the initial meeting you will be asked to describe to us your “program” or functional requirements. Be ready to show us pictures of homes you like (and homes you don’t like!)
The more we know about your goals, the better.

Architectural Proposal

We will send out an architectural proposal that describes the design phases and process for each phase. Upon receipt of the signed written proposal and retainer we will immediately begin the design work of your proposed new home. Our architectural fee will be based upon a “stipulated sum”. We do not charge by the square foot, or as a percentage of construction cost. We try to eliminate surprises in all phases of the project and feel a fixed fee works for everybody.

Existing Conditions

We are often asked to create an addition and/or alteration to an existing dwelling. In order to do this, we must first prepare drawings that reflect the “existing conditions”.  These drawings will become our base drawings – and enable us to understand the existing structure.

Often we can determine that the existing home falls in the “Grey Area" and may be a candidate to be torn down.

Schematic Design

We will provide loose, sketchy 1/4” scale drawings that will describe the owner’s program in graphic form.   The Schematic Design Phase allows for much input from the client and changes are simple to make at this time.  We will provide floor plans, elevations and a building section to describe the project. 

We’ll show you floor plans first, as we design “from the inside out”, making sure that the home functions well and satisfies the program before we develop the final elevations. The Schematic Design phase is exciting and may go on for several meetings. We will provide a ballpark construction number at this point that enables the client to gauge the design with the prescribed budget.

Once the design and is satisfactory, we will proceed with the Design Development Phase. 

Design Development

Mechanical, electrical and structural systems are integrated with the plans at this phase.  Drawings include 1/4” scale floor plans, elevations, and section.  Changes can be made by the client during the Design-Development phase, although the changes will be smaller in scale than in the Schematic Design Phase. 

Construction Document Phase

1/4” architectural drawings will include completed floor plans, elevations, building section, structural and electrical plans, utility diagrams and statistical data in sufficient detail to obtain a building permit.  

For our homes designed along the coast, additional details will be provided that meet and/or exceed the strict regulations specifying the means of construction prescribed to resist wind-borne debris and sporadic flooding.  We will provide our final construction price at this point. Note:  Changes made by the owner during the Construction Documents Phase will be charged on an hourly basis. 

Construction Contracts

We will provide an American Institute of Architects prepared construction contract for your review. While the permit applications are being processed, we are executing contracts, with the mutual goal of starting as soon as possible. The construction contract draw schedule is based upon easy to verify milestones that occur during the construction sequence.

The Construction Process

During Construction we aim to make the process of building one’s home a pleasant and exciting experience!

Communication is the key to a great custom residential construction company, and we believe that is one of our strengths. We can be reached via cell-phone, fax and e-mail, and we respond to questions or concerns in a timely manner.

We will provide our standard selections and choices for the details and finishes of your home, although you are encouraged to make choices specific to your tastes and preferences.

Change Orders

While we pride ourselves on our designs and believe we have the optimum solution for your home “on paper”, there are times when a client may request a change during the construction process. We are happy to accommodate our clientele, but we do not generate unnecessary Change Orders or Extras as a profit center which is common to builders in a traditional bid/build situation.