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Customer Testimonials

“We believe one of your firms’ advantages over other home builders is the Design/Build process that you employ.  As the Architect and builder you were quickly able to adjust our plans, often right in front of us, before we entered the construction stage.  The time we spent with you upfront generated huge dividends in the final product. This allowed us to have confidence that our plans were going to meet our needs and reduced if not eliminated the need to make expensive changes during the construction phase. “


Brant Beach

“Just a few days after Sandy, we decided that we wanted to raise, renovate and expand our cape.  We called Mike Pagnotta and were immediately impressed that we were able to speak with him directly during this crazy time, and he met us at our house that same day.  He asked us many questions about how we used our house and was very supportive of our plan.  He never attempted to convince us to tear down the house and build new, which we had heard was common practice for some of the other local builders.

A few days later, we received a structural report from our insurance company’s engineer and realized it would actually be best to knock down our cape and build a new home, after all.

We let Mike Pagnotta know and we immediately went to work on our plans.

Mike carefully listened to everything that we discussed and anything that we mentioned that we wanted in our new home.  Two of the most important aspects for us were keeping the original width of our home, which required a variance, and keeping a large and easily accessible backyard.

We worked very closely and frequently with Mike Pagnotta, as well as his team at the office and in the field, throughout the entire process.  Our many face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and emails were always pleasant, professional and productive.  Any concerns that we had were always addressed in a timely manner.  Any bumps in the road that occurred, which are inevitable when building a home, were remediated, every detail that we wished for (and there were many) was finished to our specification.

Mike created 3D renderings of our house to show the Township Board and he explained to them how the ideas for the design came about.  His presentation and the traditional and charming design of our home were definite factors in the Township granting us our variance.  One of the Board members stated that ‘every new house on LBI should look like this’.”


Peahala Park

“We have lived year round on Long Beach Island for 20 years and have watched scores of Beautiful homes go up that were designed and built by Michael Pagnotta so he was naturally a go to name for us when we decided to build our new Bayfront home… Next we met with Rhonda and Kristina professional in house designers and coordinators who took us through the entire selection process smoothly and seamlessly… I work in Real Estate sales on Long Beach Island and I have recommended Michael Pagnotta Architecture and Builders to many clients. Every one of them has thanked me. Michael runs a very professional business and he is a true Gentleman.”


Ship Bottom

Dear, dear Michael,
I just couldn't write to you until right now.   For months it has looked as if we would have to hoist and insert pilings of 13' rather than the 10' we had.   Fema has been the bane of my existence since two days after Sandy.  None of them ever told me about this photo, never mind what they would be using it for.   I tripped on it while looking for something else altogether.

That, my friend, is your work coupled with that of a graduate engineer who changed his mind along the way and became a finish carpenter and a general contractor who built one good house at a time.   How did I ever get so lucky?
We stayed here through the storm because I knew no motel would be this well built.   What an evening.  I sat up all night an watched Sandy destroy a restaurant nearby and two houses.   The one shown on the left is a bit deceiving because that was before the storm a two story house with a porch outside the top floor bedroom.  It was built n 1934 and had one heck of a run but one minute I looked out the window and saw that porch:  next time I looked it appeared my neighbor's had a swimming pool.  The porch fell to the ground probably when the ground floor was crushed.

We did, in fact, have a few problems.   The breakaway wall worked perfectly as did the vents on the side of the house.   The builder had put in underground drains to further encourage the water to move down toward the street and the sewer that is in front of this house.   We lost our cars and a much loved wooden boat and gardening and regular tools galore.   Our air conditioner just dropped off its platform and we had to touch up the concrete used on the driveway in front.   But that house on the left looks just the same today and it's only all the red tape that is preventing them from rebuilding.    Of the 45 houses out here on Good Luck Point, ours was the only one that didn't get a red sticker and today we are still alone out here but expecting two other families to return soon.

There aren't words in my vocabulary to thank you for being interested in what I wanted to do and just know you will forever be in my heart.

Many, many, many thanks.
Helen (Holmes)
8 Good Luck Drive
Bayville, NJ 08721

"Building with an Architect was the most practical and cost-efficient way for us to build our new home and we'll explain why!

After a thorough search and evaluation we concluded that Michael Pagnotta Architect and Builder gave us the most "bang for the buck". Our criteria for this decision was based on our budget restrictions, a creative design that would lend itself to our lifestyle and the local environment, quality workmanship and materials, management fexibility and cooperation, and of course trust in the company. Our decision wa correct- simply the intelligent way to go"...

Harry and Cathy H

Barnegat Light

" I did not fully realize the advantages of using an architect/builder until my house was complete. Previous buildingexpeiences (fraught with frustration,disappointment and miscommunication), combined with the size and location of my newest home, made me dread the actual construction. I was especially apprehensive about being hours away and very busy while it was happening.

I'm sure your efficiency is due in large part to having an architect and buiklder inhabit the same physical body. There was not a minute (or a dollar) lost in transition because everything about the house was in one place, one team. And better yet, if I had a question or a problem, there was just one phone call to make!

Thanks for a very high comfort level and if I ever build another, the hardest part is already done: choosing someone to do it."


North Beach

"... my wife and I are enthusiastic proponents of the design-build concept.

First the design- we knew how we wanted the house to live, Mike gave this dimension, eleganceand character with his practical creativity. Mike took our dream and made it a reality when we spent our first weekend in the new house it felt immediately like ours. Mike listens to what youwant-that I cannot stress stromgly enough...Nothing was ever a problem, there was always a solution.

Once you go through the design phase, which as I have indicated, Mike made a pleasant and enjoyable experience, your plams get sweaty and you get butterflies in your stomachas you approach the bidding plans-can you really afford this thing.

Well, once again Mike was listening-at the outset I gave him my budget llimit and he delivered. He was able to reconcile our design with our construction now you probably get the idea-we are extremely pleased with our new house-and the entire design-build process."

Ed H

Long Beach Township

"We approached Mike after seeing some of his work and were impressed with the level of design and quality of the homes he designed and built. When we had difficulties in acquiring a suitable lot, Mike was there to help by showing us how our proposed home would be affected by different sites. Getting Mike involved early was a  benefit as he was able to determine the impact that zoning and regulatory restrictions would have on us.

We described to Mike our considerable list of "demands" and asked that he create a unique contemporary home specifically for us. We were ecstatic upon seeing the results. The home is truly original and the design has so many levels of thought including passive solar design,sensitive use of materials,maximized ocean views, and best of all the home has made our day-to-day living much better."

Pat and Joanna

New York City