Providing Custom Design-Build Services Along the Jersey Shore Since 1990


Michael Pagnotta Architects and Realtors at the Jersey Shore are natural partners in the marketing and sales of Real Estate on Long Beach Island and surrounding areas.

We provide the information Realtors need to help move and improve properties for their demanding clientele.

Determining the “highest and best use” of properties on LBI requires knowledge of its unique zoning regulations, experience with the ever changing CAFRA regulations, an architect’s background in cutting edge design and a builder’s ability to arrive at reliable construction estimates.

That’s exactly who we are and what we do. Give us a call.


Long Beach Island is composed of several different Townships and Boroughs, each having their own zoning ordinances which are constantly being changed and updated.

Non Conforming and “grand-fathered” properties are everywhere. We can design to optimize what can be built within these rules, or represent you in a variance presentation if the rules won’t work. 


Clients approach the improvement of an existing property by first asking if it is better to add-on, renovate or “tear down”. We can explain the pros and cons of each scenario, with respect to design and structural feasibility.


Many of the properties on LBI can only be improved by going through CAFRA and by meeting current FEMA and flood requirements. We can help find the information you need.


As architects with first-hand  experience in construction, we are ideally set up to provide ballpark estimates during early stages of architectural design.


·         Color Elevations

·         Perspective renderings      

·         Sales Brochures

·         Floor Plans

·         3 –D Models


·       Oversize copies- 24” x 36”, 30” x 40” etc.

·       Scanning services/Reductions of oversize originals.

·       Spiral Binding